Premier community athletic facilities and professional sports fields. For backyard athletes who want the ball to bounce or who want to assist make a golf green at home, Nullarbor Couch is also fantastic! Excellent drought resistance; cylinder mowers produce the best results.
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A slab-cut version of Nullarbor Couch is a type of quick turf. Installing becomes significantly more affordable as a result. The chosen type, the amount of space that must be covered, and the amount of soil preparation necessary will all affect the cost.

Nullarbor Couch grass at Coolabah Turf costs $8 to $15 per square meter before installation.

For any low-cost or high-end landscaping project, instant grass is one of the most economical ground covers. With Coolabah Turf, you can order Nullarbor Couch Turf with confidence that it will be freshly cut from our northern Victorian farms and sent to you within 24 hours of harvest.

When they are just starting off, new lawns require more regular watering. Keep a check on the grass if you recently placed Nullarbor Couch in your yard to make sure it doesn't dry out and shrink before the roots have a chance to adapt to their new environment. In order to educate the root system to seek moisture and nutrients deep within the soil and to increase the degree of your lawn's resilience to drought, we advise you to water more deeply but less often once your grass has been established.

The Nullarbor Couch can withstand drought quite well. Because of this, you won't need to water it as frequently as other grass types. Nullarbor Couch may be kept alive with deep, infrequent watering after it has been established. The optimum time to water Nullarbor Couch is in the early morning since the roots will have more time to absorb the water before it evaporates. During extended dry conditions, watering may need to be increased. Keep an eye on it, and give it a nice bath if it starts to seem dry or wilted. In contrast, Nullarbor Couch thrives on rainfall alone.


Nullarbor Couch is bred for the Australian backyard, preferring 6-7 hours of direct sunshine every day.
Nullarbor Couch is a drought-tolerant and wear-tolerant grass with a beautiful fine leaf blade and dense growth, making it a soft but hard-wearing grass that can withstand considerable foot traffic. Nullarbor Couch will provide a lawn for elevated play areas, recreational grounds, or to accommodate active children and dogs.

Nullarbor Couch is a fast-growing plant that can become invasive if not cared for properly. This implies that mowing will be necessary on a regular basis. While regular mowing will not prevent or stop invasiveness, you can reduce or eliminate it by using a selective herbicide like as RoundUp or Glyphosate.

Couch grass looks great in residential houses and possesses a beautiful mid-green tint for the most of the year. Because Nullarbor Couch is a warm-season grass, it will fall into hibernation in the winter. Your sofa grass may become discolored to varied degrees throughout this period. This may change yearly based on what Mother Nature provides from one season to the next as well as how a lawn is maintained. A healthy grass will be better prepared to withstand the onslaught of seasonal cold blasts as winter approaches, and it will recover more quickly once milder spring temperatures come. The good news is that fertilizer treatments and a product like ColorGuard can keep your grass looking green all winter long. For your backyard, it's similar to quick botox!

Choosing a pet-friendly lawn can make life simpler for everyone and ensure that even if your best buddy leaves a mess, your grass will survive! The good news is that dogs and other animals adore couch grass, especially Nullarbor Couch. After becoming established, Nullarbor Couch can withstand energetic pets (and kids!) and preserve its bounce and brightness all year long. If your Nullarbor Couch sustains wear and tear or pee burns, it will swiftly heal itself—unless your dog is digging holes.

Like other lawns, Nullarbor Couch can tolerate pet stress and wear, but it still requires some care! Pets should not be allowed on your lawn in order to maintain its health. Train your dog to utilize a certain area of the lawn for its business as a way to make your Nullarbor Couch more pet-friendly. By doing this, you may avoid having dry areas from pee burn or an overabundance of feces on your entire lawn. Installing a small sandpit where you can hide toys and rewards for digging dogs may be a good idea. By fostering these beneficial pet behaviors, you can further safeguard your grass and keep it lush and active.

Replace the damaged area on your Nullarbor Couch with a few pieces of grass if your dog has significantly damaged it. For simple application, we provide immediate grass in slab cut form.

The greatest chance for your lawn to remain healthy and green all year is to mow it often. Depending on their growing habits, certain grass kinds will require more mowing than others. The aggressive grower known as nullarbor couch has a history of becoming invasive. Even while mowing won't stop or stop invasiveness, applying a selective herbicide like Roundup or Glyphosate would.

During the warmer months, we advise mowing Nullarbor Couch once a week to twice a month. It may not even need to be mowed until spring if you cut it down to every two weeks over the winter.

You may mow Nullarbor Couch quite short (as little as 10mm). Mowing at a height of 15 to 30 mm will keep it content for general upkeep. To give your sofa the greatest opportunity of absorbing sunshine and nutrients during the cooler months, boost your mowing height and remove any leaves.

Make sure your mower blades are sharp before you mow to avoid tearing leaves. You'll get the finest results while cutting Nullarbor Couch with a cylinder mower.

A warm season turfgrass notable for its wear resistance and drought tolerance is called Nullarbor Couch. Because of Nullarbor Couch’s dense growth patterns, the lawn can withstand very low mowing heights. This makes it perfect for establishing a well-kept lawn! Just be aware that due to its rapid growth rate, it will require a little bit more maintenance than other lawn types. But don’t worry, you’ll get a tough lawn that can withstand kids, dogs, and backyard athletes searching for the greatest grass to play cricket or football on!


The speed with which Nullarbor Couch bounces back from damage is another outstanding quality. Any bare areas will immediately fill in because to its vigorous lateral growth tendency, creating a lovely, lush lawn.
The lawn variety called Nullarbor Couch Turf is a jack of all trades. Its durability and attractive mid-green color make it appropriate for upscale athletic venues and golf courses as well as the typical backyard.

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