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How To Keep Your Driveways Safe - Safety Tips in Keeping Your Driveway Secure

Since most of us now commute to and from our homes by car, your driveway is most likely the point of entry into your house that receives the most significant traffic. Burglar bars, security gates, and alarms make it more challenging for thieves to break in, forcing them to develop new strategies to remain ahead.

Keeping your driveway safe should not be taken for granted. It is best to ask for expert help in constructing a safe entrance for your home. There are many driveway design options available that would not only add some aesthetic and value to your home but will also add some security.

Join us as we give tips and advice on keeping your driveway safe for you and your family.

How To Keep Your Driveway Safe

Securing your driveway is a great way to increase your home’s overall security. Efficient driveway security relieves the burden on inside security systems, secures outside spaces, and safeguards assets like automobiles. The best level of protection for the tenants of a home is provided by combining a variety of inside and external security systems.

Tip #1: Make sure that your driveway is clear.

Examine your driveway for any potential hiding places for criminals. For thieves, large shrubs and vegetation provide the perfect camping grounds. You can increase the security of your driveway by eliminating any possible hiding areas for thieves. If you must have shrubbery, choose plants like rosebushes that have thorns. Be careful not to leave the trash can in your driveway since this might provide burglars with a place to hide or climb walls, especially at night.

Tip #2: Install CCTV cameras

Even if you don’t have an aggressive dog pet, it’s good to make a possible invader think you have. Making the small effort and investment to indicate that you have a large dog and an alarm system is worth it.

Tip #3: Include a Warning Signage

Even if a security camera is fake, its existence is enough to dissuade burglars. Fakes these days are pretty realistic; some even include a red light. You can build a realistic imitation for nearly nothing if you cannot afford the real thing. No amount of driveway safety adjustments will matter if you are drowsy when entering and exiting your driveway.

Tip #4: Driveway Lighting

A neglected technique to make your driveway secure is by installing outside lights. While well-lit driveways put robbers at more risk, dark areas are perfect hiding places for thieves. Lighting up your driveway is a practical approach to deter burglars and make them immediately identifiable if the entrance is granted, whether through decorative lighting or motion-triggered lighting systems.

Tip #5: Upgrade your Gate and Access the System

Installing a safe gate outside your home will keep trespassers from entering your driveway and the property. Due to their durability and adaptable design, metal and wooden gates are ideal for use on residential driveways. Making your driveway safer as part of a more comprehensive domestic security system makes it harder for criminals to succeed in their theft.

Tip #6: Give your driveway an update

It will provide additional security and serve as an early warning system if you can incorporate a gravel element into the driveway’s landscaping. The noise deters criminals that gravel driveways and paths produce.

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Durable and Safe Driveway Surface Options You Should Consider

As we mentioned above, one way to incorporate safety and aesthetics into your driveway is by upgrading its landscape designs.

The distinctions between different driveway surface options, such as asphalt, gravel, concrete, and stone, are the subject of much conjecture.

The most important factors to consider while choosing the most lasting surface option are the weather, safety, and aesthetic considerations. In this situation, durability is used to determine the investment’s worth.


A concrete driveway surface is considered one of the most resilient alternatives available. Although it offers a firm and hard surface, its performance greatly depends on skilled installation, hefty upfront expenses, upkeep, and weather conditions. While this surface is unquestionably sturdy, frequent usage and winter freeze-thaw cycles may increase the likelihood of severe cracking and potholes.

Concrete driveways are resilient and might be a fantastic choice for a more contemporary design. Concrete is very discreet from an aesthetic standpoint. However, it might not win any awards for intricate beauty when used as front yard landscaping.


Gravel or aggregate can be the best choice if you’re looking for the least expensive driveway surface option. In this situation, you need a surface that won’t need to be resurfaced and is always safe for your visitors and family because you’re looking for something lasting. Even while gravel is simple to apply and budget for, it is not your best choice if you want a well-finished driveway that will endure without much upkeep and is resilient in all weather conditions.


The usage of paver stones is an additional driveway alternative that is very durable. This choice provides durability and excellent aesthetic benefits while having high initial and ongoing expenditures. The upkeep and expert installation of your investment will significantly affect its worth.

Due to its solid surface and aesthetic appeal, this alternative is quite appealing. However, it is less appealing for more significant driveway projects since it may increase your costs. Therefore, while planning the design and installation, our experts advise combining it with other long-lasting road surface alternatives.


Although it needs expert help and maintenance every two to three years, such as seal coating, an asphalt driveway surface offers all the advantages listed.

For property owners, it’s an utterly reliable and economical solution. These driveways often come in simple black (like the colour of most motorways). Still, other types have graphics imprinted into them to stand out. Because it is inexpensive to lay, asphalt is popular, but if you choose this option, be prepared to perform some upkeep. It is known that the surface cracks pretty often.


Brick driveways have a traditional vibe to them, as they should because brick was utilized in the past. Similar to how brick homes are constructed, a base with a strong border is laid before bricks are stacked over it to create the driveway. The result is a classic appearance that significantly characterizes the front of a house, but that character comes at a cost. Brick is one of the more costly surface materials, but it may survive for many years if built correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, provided that it is a private road. We advise you to provide a 1.3 to 1.5 mtr—drive-through space between each bollard gives you a high level of access control. Emergency services are one thing you should keep in mind.

Suppose you want to build a fence, wall, or gate above 1 meter tall and fronts a road used by cars (or the road’s sidewalk) or over 2 meters tall elsewhere. In that case, you must apply for planning approval.

The material cost of a driveway ranges from $1,700 to $7,000, with an average cost of $4,500. The budget is between $2 and $15 per square foot for materials and installation. Selecting a material within your price range may save money, but remember that each material has a varied duration.

A gravel driveway may endure up to 100 years with appropriate care and maintenance. Gravel has the advantage of being continuously repairable and replenishable. Conversely, significant repairs are generally more expensive than replacing worn-out or damaged asphalt or concrete driveways since they are harder to fix.

Key Takeaways

It’s time for you to be more conscious about your security when using your driveways. Though frequently taken for granted, your driveway should also be part of your construction planning. Not only does your driveway should be part of your house’s appeal and value, but it’s also necessary that it will serve as additional security from unforeseen danger.

May our list and tips above can help you with your decision regarding your driveways. Never hesitate to talk to a landscaping expert for questions and best advice.

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